How to add a PC & RM reportEdit

  • In Talis go to acquisitions/orders
  • Open up the record (type in the control no. or the LK number, then press F9)
  • Go to the ‘report’ tag and click on the symbol of a magnifying glass.
  • Go to the ‘last report date box’. Click on the magnifying glass. If a report is already there click ‘add new’.
  • Put in PC or RM into the report box.
  • Type ’’PC’’ for records which can be checked by cataloguing assistants. These are records which need page numbers added or typing errors tidied up.
  • Type ‘’RM’’ for records to be checked by a cataloguing librarian. These are records which need subject headings or have multiple errors or missing fields or lack a classmark.
  • Two serials which are treated as monographs have difficult records and therefore should be marked as RM. These are Global Architecture Document (GA) and Autonomous Urbanism
  • Save
  • In the notes field note give a brief explanation as to why the item is PC or RM, e.g., no barcodes, no subject heading.
  • Save

Reviewed 9/6/2010 JCB, JOD

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