Flagging Code for Items Held in Order-RunEdit

Books in order-run are filled in order number within each year

--Flag Colour-- --Year--
White 1999
Purple 2000
Orange 2001
Blue 2002
Green 2003
Light orange 2004
Lilac 2005
White 2006
Peach 2007
Light blue 2008
Light green 2009
Orange 2010

Flagging Code to distinguish type of itemsEdit

Books arrive in Cataloguing with various colour flags and the Library Assistant (Acquisitions) is responsible for receiving Donations.

Coding is as follows:

Flag Colour Meaning
Yellow Additional copy
Pink Urgent
Red Regional Medical Library
White Trav/Roma, Trav/Hist,
Any Specific Collection
Red (M/Coll) Additional copy with query on classmark
Lilac Missing and Replaced (MARE)

11:53, 9 June 2010 (JCB)

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