In-Process RequestsEdit

These requests are made by students, staff and the ILL office and must be available for collection 4pm the following day.

Even if you have finished them earlier, leave in Technical Services until 4pm. An exception can be made on Fridays, as students often leave early.

  • "In Process" request slips collected from the Information Desk every morning and dated.
  • Enter date, item control number (ISBN), name of the requestor, and short description for each item into the “In Process Folder”.
  • Open Talis Alto in Cataloguing and search for item by control number.
  • If no order details are attached when Order No is input, a BRN should be found at the second 035 field on the record, and the item should be filed in Compact Shelving under BRNs.
  • Check status under items to see status of item.
  • Check item history and record on form, initials of edit operator and date
  • Go to View Orders at bottom of screen, check and continue.
  • Record order details e.g., LK04007862 and see last receipt date.
  • X to exit and F11 to clear.
  • Divide requests slips into those in office/compact shelving and collect books.
  • Items are then passed to Librarian, Cataloguing.

Lost items that have been requestedEdit

  • Please write an email to the requester using the following template:

Dear X,
The book you have requested is missing. It will be searched for again at the end of the week (every Friday). If found we will email you as soon as possible. Thank you,
Gerardine Ahern

On behalf of Technical Services

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