Mail is delivered to the library post room on Level 1 once per day before break. It is collected twice daily – once with the morning drop-off and again at approximately 3 pm.

The co-op undertakes the task of sorting the post. If they are not available, this task is passed on to the LA1's who take on the task in rotation, a day each.

Procedure for sorting and distributing mail:Edit

Item /Item Marked Send To: Further Directions:
Acquisitions Judy Carmody Acquisitions
Journals Bridget Morrissey Acquisitions
All newspapers Bridget Morrissey Acquisitions
Copyright Books
Irish Journals
Dolores Whelan Acquisitions

  • Deliver mail for staff on ground floor to post room downstairs and distribute to individual mailboxes. Collect any out-going mail.
  • Return to post room. Sort any mail collected from ground floor and add to that previously sorted.
  • EDC pink sheets go directly to LA1 in Acquisitions.
  • Deliver mail for Technical Services staff.
  • Floor 1: All mail for Issue Desk staff should be delivered to LA2 Reader Service's office.
  • Floor 2: Deliver mail to LA2 and LA3 on ground and second floor and Special Collections. Always call to Special Collections, even if there is no mail for them, they may have out-going mail to be collected.

Collect any out-going mail from tray at Issue desk and sort.

  • Distribute any additional mail collected or, place in mailboxes as appropriate.

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