Creating a record for a Final Year Project in Talis Alto:Edit

  • Go to Cataloguing and Bibliographic
  • Click on TalisBase autosearch ( remove tick)
  • Click on F4 New
  • In control number type /M and F9 (record is now on screen)
  • Note control no.(begins with M00…. Write control no. on barcode label of reprint)
  • (Fields to be used are 100, 245, 260 and 710)
  • At field 100 click after $a type last name of the author, followed by a comma and the first name of author, followed by a full stop e.g. $aSmith,John.
  • At line 245 click after $a type title (excluding A An The..)
  • At line 260 click after $c type year of project
  • F4 to create new row
  • Type 710 then tab to under Ind1 and change to 2. Tab to Ind2 and change to 1. Tab to text and insert $*a then type University of Limerick. Click on 710 to show list of Departments. Click on Dept. required and F2 ( U will now change to F )
  • Click on Items. F6 Edit list
  • Key in barcode. Tab to site click on down arrow and click on ML.
  • Tab to shelf mark. Click on down arrow, under sequence type Proj and F9
  • Tab to Type , click on down arrow and click on NFL
  • Exit screen ( click X box )
  • "Do you want to save changes before closing?" YES
  • "There are authorisable fields which are still unauthorisable. Do you wish to authorise?" NO
  • "Do you wish to submit the record for passive authorisation?" NO
  • Finally pencil initials on back cover of FYP.

Reviewed: 20/07/06

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