Please refer to the relevant section for more information on how to process items. This page just shows you how to use the p-touch machine.

  • Turn on - on/off key.
  • Press Code and press Size x 4, and then press space to set.
  • Choose the correct size of tape.
Item Size of tape
Large books 18 mm
Reference Books
Bibl./ABS & Index
18 mm
Videos 18 mm
Narrow spine 12 mm
Not for loan 12 mm
RML 12 mm/18 mm
DVDs & CDs 12 mm

  • Type in Class no.
  • Press 'new block', and type in the suffix, which will be normally centred under the point.
  • For books with a narrow spine and 'not for loan books' type in class no. leave 2 spaces and type in the suffix.
  • All RML books are suffixed.
  • Press print and wait until the class no. is printed and machine stops.
  • Press the purple key on top left-hand side with the scissors icon. This will cut the tape.

Multiple stripsEdit

If you require multiples of a class No. using either tape:

  • Type in the class no. and suffix and press Code + Print (Press them separately, with Code first), use the Home Key to arrive at the required no.
  • Then press the < key and the > key and the Home key to make sure both are at the Off position, press New Block to Print (do not press print).


N.B. Please ensure that there is nothing to obstruct the tape as it is printing or they will not print correctly.

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