Processing Books for the Regional Medical Library

Borrowable booksEdit

  • Ensure that the RML book in hand has RML stamp inside.
  • RML material is not stamped 'Library' on top and bottom.
  • Leave order form inside book.
  • Adhere top of special RML lending label to front page of book using Pritt-Stik, and fold the bottom of it approx. 1" deep, (2 lines) to make a pocket. Sellotape this in place.
  • Attach one barcode to front of the book using ½” template and duplicate barcode on page 21 of item.
  • Check that the details on the card match the book details, and write the class no and barcode on the card in pen.
  • Put this card into the pocket on the lending label.
  • Insert appropriate tattle tape. Hardback - white; Paperback - Green.
  • With the P-Touch machine, create a label displaying class no. and suffix and attach to spine using the ½” template.
  • Scotch tape spine if paperback.
  • Scotch tape only spine label on hardback.
  • Jacket book if necessary.
  • Go into Talis using Bib ID and check title. Put in the class no.and wand in the bar-code, at status put book 'In Process' and at Type put 'Normal'. Check under Record, Items and Classification, ensuring that RMLD is displayed under Items.
  • Put Class No. on book in usual way.
  • Put your initials on back page of book.
  • Put on trolley flagged RML for checking and despatch.

R.M.L. Reference BooksEdit

Reference books are processed similarly to Lending books with the exception of the following:

  • Stamp “Reference Only” on top of first page
  • Leave RML card loose in book.
  • Type class no. on label, leaving a line empty beneath the no. for the appropriate sticker
  • RML Reference books have a suffix

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