Tuesday 31 March 2020

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Welcome to this resource for Technical Services in the Glucksman Library, University of Limerick, Ireland. It holds our procedural and training manuals.

Useful websites for Cataloguers:
University of Limerick | UL Library
Dewey | Classification Web
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General MARC | MARC21| MARC Language codes| MARC Area codes | MARC Geographic codes | LC authorities
Bibliographic Data
WORLDCAT (link)| Trinity College Dublin | COPAC | Library of Congress Catalogue | International union catalogues | Karlsruhe University catalogue | Catalogue collectif de France | OPACS in Britain and Ireland | IRIS | Hollis|British Board of Film Classification | Music union catalogue
Chambers Dictionary | Altavista | Irish terminology | Irish-Eng. Dictionary | Latin Dictionary |

German Dictionary | Norwegian Dictionary | Directory of Foreign Language Equivalents for Bibliographic Information

Wikipedia | Catholic encyclopaedia | Orbis Latinus | World Gazetteer | ODLIS (Library Dictionary) | Bookbinding and the conservation of books | Fantastic Fiction | IMDB (Film database) | RBMS(rare books) | Placenames database of Ireland
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